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Heya, welcome to interview with Aditya! Today, we have someone who is exceptionally phenomenal with us, he is the world’s youngest comedy trainer according to ‘Golden book of world record’, India Book calls him ‘The Youngest Comedian of the Country’, he is India’s #1 Comedy Trainer, he has received multiple awards including ‘The Best Teacher’ award from the education minister of Gujarat, he has completed 2500+ live shows and have hosted hundreds of live shows and events. Moreover, he is has worked with 35+ TV channels till date. He is a passionate trainer, artist, author, and performer who loves to embrace change, in a positive way. He is the Founder of Cafe Comedy, one and only comedy training institute of the country which trains people who are seeking to pursue a career or thrive in stand-up comedy or other like fields. Guess Who’s he? You guessed it right! None other than – Amit Khuva (FB/TW/IN/WB/YT)

You can watch some of his best creations on his official YouTube Channel: Humor Valley

Interview With Aditya (11)

Enters Amit sir…

Me: Welcome to interview with Aditya!

“It’s my pleasure”

Me: “That’s your highness”

“Okay, let’s dive into it.”


  1. Unique
  2. Passionate
  3. Caring
  4. Humorous
  5. Variable (“I like change”)

It’s not that specific, but it’s always balanced in one or other way! I can call myself, ‘Moody Gujarati’!

“Comedy is remedy when pain finds fun!”

Life’s Philosophy:

“Just Be Happy &…”

After a pause, he continued – “I want to touch at least one person’s heart in my life!”


To show the world the diversity of comedy. As for now, the world is limited up to 38 types of comedy, I want to show the world how diversified and widespread the world of comedy is! My personal mission is to discover at least 10 new types of comedy!

Global Mission:

“Today, we are missing the art of laughter. So, I want to teach people the art of happiness.”

AB: “Today, our face is the largest area of unemployment in the world! People really need the art of laughter and happiness. Somehow, something’s missing from their lives. And few aren’t even able to figure out ‘what?'”

“That’s what exactly I’m after. The mission is to teach them the art of happiness.”

An array of people living and dead.

  1. Johny Lever
  2. Judy Carter

1. Greg Dean

“I’m observing his comedy training skills closely since few years”

2. Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad

“I’m closely studying him these days, there is a lot more to explore!”

3. My Own Family Members

“There are a lot of amazing and fascinating stories all around us while we are seeking for something similar from else where!”

“Comedy can be learned – just try it once!”

(Amit sir is one of the best trainers in this industry and he has coached hundreds of students to unleash the hidden creativity which resides in every one of us. If you too are a sincere explorer of your own art and creativity, Amit sir would be delighted to help you out to bring the best from you! Visit: Cafe Comedy to know more about his upcoming workshops or live events. Click me and I’ll take you to Cafe Comedy)

How does your morning Ritual look like? What do the first 60 minutes of your day look like?

Morning routine is quite different for me because I’m a night person. Hence my morning is quite late, I sleep around 6-6.30 in the morning and wake up in the afternoon around 1.00. That is where my day starts. I initiate the day with my inbox – the first thing I do is respond to some important emails, from fans, followers, and some other important agencies I’m associated with. That is followed by reading, I try to read at least one paragraph of any book, before going for a bath, and then I have a cup of tea – that’s all. I’m ready to face the day, and whatever challenges or opportunities the day has planned for me!

When it comes to comedy, there are two aspects to be taken care of – 1. Training & 2. Open Mic. If you want to thrive as a stand-up comedian, training is something you must think of at first place. As said earlier, comedy is an art, it can be learned. So, if you want to smoothly walk through this path and thrive in this area, then I would suggest you go for a training once to unleash your hidden creativity – that way the chances of failure would be minimized. And if you opt for open mic, it’s always a trial and error.

The best advice I would love to lend to any sincere student of this art is that ‘Never Quit’. It’s all uncertain, you never know when can the magic unfold for you. So, I would just say, ‘Never Quit – Magic is yet to unfold for you – it can happen anytime!’

What do you wish you had known about your domain or your area of expertise, 20 years ago? And how would it had saved your resources?

“That I’m capable!”

In many aspects of my life, if I would have envisioned myself doing it successfully – a lot of time, energy and resources would have been saved for me. As an example, when YouTube was new, I used to put up – just one or two videos because of uncertainty. I was uncertain about its unlimited possibilities, but today all of my videos are rocking on YouTube – many have reached millions of views and yet growing. So… that’s what I would say if I would be certain about that – today, maybe I might have reached to more audience.

AB: If you are passionate about stand-up comedy, I would recommend you shouldn’t miss some of his best shots. (Click me to watch Amit sir’s best creations.) He has done a remarkable work in stand-up comedy and is one of the best stand-up comedians from all across the Gujarat.

Can you share some experiences of your life that you think have played a significant role in how you’re today?

“Definitely! Decisions. In life, I took a lot many such decisions that are playing a significant role in how I’m today. In life, there were too many choices for me – for example, if you have two best choices, and you cannot afford to lose anyone of them, what do you do? We all have our own share of hard times, hard choices, and hard decisions. Even I had some. That is where I took some critical decisions that I think are playing a significant role in how I’m today. The first thing I would love to point out is my ‘decisive’ nature – that is playing a significant role today.

“Decisive nature in what sense?”

“Like, you have two options – on one side were my ethics and the values that I live by and on the other side, name, fame, and money. I live by my own set of ethics which I think has played a big role in how I’m today.”

AB: “Ethics like…?”

“First I believe in clean comedy – that’s my concept. I don’t personally like roasting, toilet humor, or anything such. I’m not against it but, it’s just that I don’t like that in anyways. I believe, that I am there on stage to refresh your mood, to charge you up, not to make you feel miserable or weird or unusual. I would never prefer anything disgusting that could spoil your mood. I just love creating fresh comedy, which has to potential to recharge your mood.”

“Though it’s clean, but I must say that your comedy is addictive. I saw almost all of your videos and still, I always end up seeking for more! And moreover, true self-esteem and confidence are the results of living life on our terms, ethics, values – that is what I believe.”

“Exactly, everyone is seeking for one common thing and that is ‘happiness’, and living as per our standards and values gives an extraordinary level of sense of fulfillment and happiness.”

#1: What I think is, on a larger scale, no one cares more than you mom dad and siblings. Everyone is selfish to some extent. Even our mom dad are… They too nurture you with an expectation that one day you will glorify their name up to no limits.

Yes! I always wanted to be and do what I’m doing today. I started my career as a stand-up comedian at the age of 8, at 11 I was charging 3000 rupees for a show, and at the age of 13, I was on the national TV. I received ‘Rising Star Of India’ Award by a well-known website in those days. So, I can consider myself to be fortunate enough to get to do what I’m passionate about. I have pursued each and every passion that I craved for – so no regrets at all. In fact, I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful for that.

“Plan on a certain level.”

Someone once suggested me this: Don’t plan anything much too suddenly; don’t plan too long; plan on a certain level. There are too many people who waste a majority amount of their time, in just planning and these are the people who never get time to execute their plan and there are also so many people who plan much too immediately, that they don’t have any certainty about their plans. One must learn to plan at a certain level – neither too much nor too less.

  1. My family (I’m blessed with the coolest parents of all the time),
  2. Right people at right time
  3. Mic (Ever walked on a stage without a mic? Do it once, you will be grateful for that forever)
  4. Mirror (Imagine a world without a mirror)
  5. Wall (Can you imagine how it would be if your house had no walls at all? Imagine and you too will be grateful for it)

“I’ll split that day into two parts and the first half I’ll spend in interacting with as many people as I possibly could and the second half I would spend totally alone, where for the next 500 km there would be no human race.”

I personally think,

  1. Not following their passion
  2. Always Complaining (Some people are always complaining about everything in their life.)

“First – Ph.D. Yes. Right now I’m engaged with my Ph.D. and will soon complete it. A very few people know about it.”

“A very few people know about my poetry – and the book which I’m going to launch very soon.”

“We are going to do something giant in 2018 – and no one knows – exactly what.”

The title would be something like… ‘It Happens – yet life just goes on!’
The message should be –

“Why me? If you blame god or grace for all that’s screwed up in your life, you should also blame him for all that you are blessed with, you should also blame him for each and everything that’s great in your life. I’m not telling you to stop blaming, I’m just suggesting you to blame intelligently.”

He then shares an incident from his life,

“There was a time in my life, I was selected in one of the best national reality show, where I got a chance to earn an enormous amount of name, fame, well-being, and popularity at that time. Not only that, I managed to reach to the top 6 from hundreds of other entries. But, fortunately, or unfortunately – I was unable to make up to the top 5, and that was not because I was inconsistent or insignificant for that place, but that was just because of a disease that I’m blessed with – “Haemophilia” (a medical condition in which the ability of the blood to clot is severely reduced, causing the sufferer to bleed severely from even a slight injury.) and they gave me a reason as stupid as this, “You deserve to be first, but you won’t be able to be in the top 5 because of your disease. We are sorry.” and when once I was sharing this incident with one of my friends, he asked me, “Have you ever thought about ‘WHY ONLY YOU?'” And hearing this, at first I laughed hard and then explained him, “I’m blessed with a lot many things that I could be grateful for, and I have never asked that question – “God why only me?” then why do you think, I should ask this question now? There was a time when education minister of Gujarat, had to select best, most proficient 11 teachers from all across Gujarat, at that time – I was the one from that 11. At that time also, I should have asked – WHY ME? The point I’m stressing here is, “If you blame God for all that’s screwed up in your life, you must also blame him for all that’s great in your life due to his grace.” That’s what I think would be the central message of a movie on me!”

(Or do you have a favorite failure of yours?)

I believe the most important thing about failure is, “What you do between two consecutive failures. Your learnings are your earnings for later success.”

Honestly, I would waste it. Because if you don’t have a plan for anything that suddenly bumps in your life, you would end up wasting it anyhow!

  1. I would spend them improving the art industry.

Stand Up Comedy: The Book by Judy Carter

As a trainer too this book fascinates me because of its freshness of content and diversity. I strongly recommend that book to anyone who is a sincere seeker of this art.

  1. Reading Time
  2. Meeting new people
  3. Starting Cafe Comedy
What’s the worst advice you see or hear in your trade or area of expertise?

“There is no need to rehearsal – it’s all spontaneous.” That’s the worst advice I have ever received and I must say – that’s insanity.

“Live it fully & leave a legacy!”

  1. You are capable – believe it and just do it!
  2. Be decisive in choosing your peer group and people who flicker around you.
  3. Try everything – Just do it!
Little known fact about you?

1. I’m a good person – very few know about my poetry.

2. I’m Unfunny (less funny) Off stage

Rapid Fire Questions:

most favorite movie?
  1. Inception
  2. Lagaan

Most gifted or recommended book?

Stand Up Comedy: The Book by Judy Cart

“Why didn’t you do that?”

Favorite documentaries.
  1. I’m offended (One of the best one I have ever witnessed)
  2. Who has influenced your life more than your dad?

“Vir Das”

“Jhonny Lever”

“Shahbuddin Rathod”

1. Paper

2. Pen

3. A person to talk with

Mostly, I fight with myself. I argue whatever I do to check it’s liability – is it according to my standard or not? I generally don’t appreciate myself, because I have a lot many people to do so. Hence I’m the best critic of myself.

Core beliefs to live by:

“Be Myself”

(I need to be more consistent on this.)

“My Schedules. I need to be more organized and manage my stuff efficiently”

  1. “CAFE COMEDY HOUSE” It is a fine-floor building and I know each and every tit and bit of it. I have a 3-D plan for it, I know every wall, what color, texture, what activities should it host…. everything! I have even calculated the amount to the precision of paisa.
  2. PHILIPPINE ARENA (The Philippine Arena is a multipurpose indoor arena at Ciudad de Victoria, a 140-hectare tourism enterprise zone in Bocaue and Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines. With a maximum seating capacity of 51,898, the Philippine Arena is the world’s largest indoor arena)
    That is what I’m dreaming of! 51,898 cheering voices, 750 speakers, a flashing LED on me, an excellent microphone in my hands and… My Hello!


“Plunge Ahead”

“I would love to meet you someday! Let’s have a cup of tea together. I don’t know you are a teenager or a young bold gentleman or an old grandfather of 4 kids, or who so ever you are… I would love to meet you someday and I’m damn sure in our 5 minutes conversation – you and I both would exchange a great amount of wisdom. I know I won’t be able to meet each and everyone from the world, but I would really love to meet the one who has taken the time and effort to read me until this word, I really admire you and thank you for your time, and will surely love to meet you someday. I’m looking forward to see you soon!”

“Everyone has a buddy to laugh with. Find out a shoulder to cry.”

Loved it?

What did you learn from it?

Share your learnings in the comment section below!

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