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Interview With Aditya
Aditya with Sir Sanjay Raval


Heya, welcome to interview with Aditya! Today, we have someone who is exceptionally phenomenal with us, Sir Sanjay Raval (FB/TW/WB). He is the best selling author of multiple books (His Books “Now I Feel Better than before” and “I like It You Also like It” have sold more than 1,00,000 copies all over India. His 3rd book “Fearless Life” will be released shortly.) He has empowered and touched millions of lives by his seminars and workshops. His most popular personality development seminar is “Fearless Life”.

His mission for life is to motivate students for believing in themselves and promote reading & exercise. He has done more than 900 seminars in last five years. thereby addressing more than 7 Lacs people who have personally attended his live seminars.

He lives a simple yet magnificent life. Today, he is enjoying the fruits of hard work, honesty, and sheer commitment to himself of not settling less than he could possibly be. But looking back, it wasn’t the easy road that brought him where he is today. In this interview, we will explore more about his journey, his failures, setbacks and challenges that he faced in his life to make it through.

You are going to experience the ups and downs, the twists and turns, the odds and evens that he has faced and how he surpassed and outranked all the obstacles that challenged him on his way to “Success”. Make sure to make the notes as we walk through his entire journey. Take in the concept, tease out the detail, refine it and apply it to your own experience – that is how we grow. Make sure to extract the essence from his experiences and knowledge. I have done my level best to make the most of it, and I would expect the same from you. Also, share it with your friends and beloved ones – this will help them to accelerate their success rate. I’m grateful to Sanjay Sir for his time, energy and resources. Also, I would love to thank my entire team – because this is the result of the compounded effort of each one of us. So, without a further due – LET’s DIVE INTO IT! (To know more about Aditya CLICK ME)

Interview With Aditya

Enters Sanjay Raval…

Me: Welcome to interview with Aditya!

“It’s my pleasure”

Me: “That’s your highness”

“Okay, let’s dive into it.”


“I’m the best creation of God.”

AB: “I have noticed that in all of your sessions and seminars, you use your mom’s name instead of the generalized pattern of using father’s name as middle name. Is there a specific reason for that?”

“Specifically, there are two core reasons for that: Firstly, I have been with my mother more than my father. I have shared more moments with her than anyone else. Secondly, my father departed for an eternal journey to infinity 30 years ago. Since then, I have been with my mother all along the way. So he has influenced my life more than anyone else could ever imagine. She has nurtured me with so much love, care, compassion, affection – that I’m influenced by her in many ways. She has always been with me. And moreover, the first sight of love is something that I learned from her. That’s why, as she is closest to me, I prefer to attach her name as middle name.”

 “Pour your heart and soul in whatever task is at hand, do it as if it is the best and the only job you have got to do.”

AB: “People tend to overestimate the power of anything that’s done with all of our heart and soul.”

“Live it fully –  Live it fruitfully. No matter whatever the situation or the circumstances are, learn to show up every time when life knocks you down. Face it, overcome it, and then rise against all the odds and difficulties. A successful person starts his way where mediocre people quit. When you are in the darkest place, when all is lost, when you think – there is no way to turn around, remember this – “VICTORY IS NEAR” “

“When everything seems like it’s falling apart, that’s when God is putting things together to end it large!”


Mission in life:

“To unleash the hidden potential of millions of students who are a bit weaker at studies, yet they have a treasure of creativity within them just waiting to be tapped in!”

“In the next 5 years, I’m going to build 33 schools & 4 universities all spread across different districts of Gujarat which will help students to unleash their true potential by tapping into the hidden treasure which every one of them possesses. I’ll get the best out of them. I want to help them rediscover the hidden treasure which resides in them. And will prove that, “Other people’s opinions about them cannot be their reality.” In that universities, students having less than 40% will only be able to secure seats. Because for students with more than that, we do have many various universities. In those universities, there will be no exams, no certificates, no placement – nothing such that appreciates job seekers. I don’t want to produce employees. This universities and schools are meant to create (not produce) employers. Self-made employers.

“A person who can have a peaceful, soundless, unbroken and deep sleep the moment he lays down in the bed – is a successful gentleman according to me.”

AB: “I have heard in many of your sessions and seminars that Swami Vivekananda has significantly influenced your life in many ways. You have studied his life minutely and he has always been a person of inspiration for you. What is the best part that you like about him?”

“A small drop of water, if it tries to create its own identity – it will be limited to a drop. Rather if it dedicates itself to an ocean and falls into the ocean, then it will expand its identity from a drop to a giant water body which we call – the ocean. Swami Vivekananda said, ‘If I get 100 Nachiketa – I can transform the world, yet he didn’t get any. I feel incredibly fortunate that there are many millions of people following my talks and my seminars, with this human power, I’m sure we can take his mission forward for the cause of goodness. Swami Vivekananda has portrayed our culture and tradition to the world in the best possible way, and I would take that forward and will make sure it reaches to as many people as possible.”


“Osho has been a man of influence for me. And I personally believe that 50 years from now, people would start building his temples and monuments. Because after you study him, read his books and listen to some of his teachings – I think there is nothing beyond that.”

2. Nana Patekar

His audacity, spirit, and fearlessness to speak against the system is just outstanding. He has what it takes.

3. Swami Vivekananda

“For him, I would just say that you should study his life and books.”

“I would plan my day on it.”

How does your morning Ritual look like? What do the first 60 minutes of your day look like?

“The first thing I do after getting up in the morning is, drink a jug full of water. Then I express gratitude for this new day, a new opportunity for me to create more joy, love, happiness, and I thank grace for all that’s great in my life. Then I just sit for 10 minutes absorbing the freshness of air, the smell of a new day, the beauty of nature. Then I think of the day’s agenda. I plan my day in my mind – I think how I want my day to be. What are the things to be done, whom I have to answer today, whom I need to meet, what projects are yet pending etc. That is followed by a cup of strong, sweet, lukewarm and a lovely tea baked by my better half. And I’m ready for a good day’s work.”

“Is there any special meditation exercise or ritual that you follow?”

“Whatever I do is meditation for me. I pour my heart and soul into the task at hand. For me everything starting from drinking a glass full of water to drafting any important email – everything is meditation. The reason being is, I’m present in whatever I’m doing. I’m mindfully engaged in the task at hand. The definition of meditation for me – is pretty simple: ‘Just be mindfully engaged in the task at hand. Pour your heart and soul into whatever you are doing. Do it better than the best, pursue it as if it is the only best thing we could be engaged in.” That’s all!”

“To anyone who is seeking to pursue a career or thrive in any area of expertise, I would suggest “Pour your heart and soul in whatever you are doing, do it with all that you have got, and see how juicy the results can be. If you do everything in the best way it could ever be imagined to be done, I promise that you will thrive in any area you choose in your life. Secondly, I would say – add as much value as you possibly can. We never get paid for the time we invest in our job. We get paid for the value we add to the job. Add tremendous value to whatever your job is. If you are getting paid Rs. 5000, do the work which is worth Rs. 20,000, and you will soon see how fast you will thrive in any area of expertise. Just make sure you are adding four times your effort in adding value to your job than you are paid for. You can purchase a product for Rs. 1, add tremendous value to it and sell it for Rs. 100 – provided, it should be “WORTH IT!” Just make sure that you add much more value than you are getting paid for.”

In conclusion: Doesn’t matter what you are pursuing -whatever it is, just GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT! Do it with all your heart and soul. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, what matters is – how you are doing it. If you are tearing a single piece of paper, tear it as if it is the only best thing you could do in this world. Tear it in as many pieces as you possibly can. Enjoy the process of tearing that single piece of paper – just give your best in doing that. Add as much value as you possibly can! Do the work worth Rs. 100 in just a rupee. The rest will be collected in your treasury of goodness. I have always followed this principle in my life. Back then when I did a job as a waiter for Rs. 400, I did the work worth Rs. 4000. Then I did a business in construction, at that time too – I tried my level best to satisfy my customer. At an instant, I would let go my profit, but not my customer’s satisfaction or trust. That’s how a business is built.”

What do you wish you had known about your domain or your area of expertise, 20 years ago? And how would it had saved your resources?

“That I could speak influentially.”

“I completed my graduation in 1987. And I delivered a speech for the first time in the year of 2007. After my school and college life, for the next 20 years, I had never addressed any public gathering. So, if I knew at the very beginning of my career that I could speak much influentially, then I think today, I would have been at another level.”

What is the definition of “fearless life” according to you and how a sincere seeker of life could live fearlessly thereby building a lifestyle filled with grace & abundance?

I believe there is a supernatural power – you call it whatever you want, some infinite intelligence or The God or All Mighty that runs the entire universe. And this is what I believe, There is a purpose behind everything that it does and if that supernatural power has sent me here, there might be a purpose behind it as well. And we must be utmost faithful that if it has sent me here – this would be the best place in the world where I could be in.

“Never regret for anything in life – whatsoever.”

Never ever blame God for anything no matter what! Everything that he does, it’s for us! I have a very simple philosophy of life: “If anything happens as per my will, I’ll be happy – if not, it’s God’s will and in that case, I would be more happy because I know his plans are far beyond my imagination.”

If you adopt this philosophy, I bet you – it has the potential to end suffering for your entire life! You would never ever suffer again in your entire life thereby designing a life what we call – “FEARLESS!”

That is how I have lived my life. When I had nothing I was happy and today when I have everything I’m happy because I have no fear of losing it. Don’t misinterpret this – I’m not telling to just sit around casually and watch what happens with your life with a misconception that God already has a plan for my life – then why should I try? That’s insanity.  You should toil, you must sweat and work like hell and give your best shot! And then, leave the rest on to God because he always has something better to offer only if you deserve it.

“Everything happens for a reason. Nothing occurs by chance, it’s all a part of God’s divine plan. Learn to trust it and go where he leads you.”

AB: “Whatever happens in life, it doesn’t happens to us – it happens for us!”


“How to start a business, and grow it exponentially?”

I believe that, today, a lot many people want to start a business but they lack the basics of how to “exactly” do that. There are very simple basics that a grad student still is unaware of, about starting a business. So, that is what I would like to speak about.

what are the two books you recommend to give every graduating college student of our country,  that everyone who knows how to read and write “must” read?

There are two books that I think everyone must read in their lifetime by “Osho”

  1. The Book of Man by Osho
  2. The Book of Woman by Osho

It was the year of 1989, we all were busy preparing and getting things done for my marriage, cards were published, invitations were sent, our house was being painted and I too was trying to add colours to my black and white life and suddenly… My dad went on an eternal journey just 10 days prior to my marriage, and we were clueless. Suddenly it was a blackout! I didn’t knew what to follow next.

Also, there was another time in my life, in the year of 2001, I was freshly shifted to Ahmedabad with my family. We all were busy talking about the ins and outs of our lives, and my brother got a call from someone, and he went out for some time. I insisted him to stay for a while as his daughter was having 10th board examination the following day, but he somehow convinced me that he will be right back in just some time. Just after 15 minutes past his departure, I got a call from someone that he is no more. He died in a car accident. And again, I was speechless, lost and clueless.

And those were the times when life taught me a lot many important lessons, such as how to handle such critical situations whenever life challenges us. How to collect the scattered pieces of our dreams when life breaks them all – brutally.

In those times, I must say, “Books are the only things that helped me find my way from nowhere.” The things that I learned from our ancient scriptures and all the books that I ever read in my life saved me from many such critical circumstances and such instances. It’s easy said than done. When you are all lost these are the only things that can pull you through all kinds of odds of your life. And I think if I wouldn’t have read any books in my life earlier, then my survival would have been at risk.

There was a time in Sardar Patel’s life when he was in court and he got a letter that his wife has just passed away and without any reaction to it, he folded the letter and kept it in his pocket.

In fact, something similar happened with Charlie Chaplin. He too received news about his mother’s sudden death before one of his shows, without any itch, he went on with his show made the entire crowd mad with laughter.

Well, if this all people can do it – why can’t I?

It is the hard times in our lives that we learn how to grow. We grow only when life challenges us.

AB: Problems are the ultimate gifts of life, because those are the times when we truly learn and grow.”

Initially, I had no plans who would I be, but whatever I did, I poured my heart and soul in pursuing it. I enjoyed the process and the journey of life.

From my mom:

Never do anything that you won’t be proud to portray. Always do good to others.

(I didn’t understand why my mom said that. I believed it to be true. I blindly believed it. Today, it became a reality.)

I’m grateful for each and every failure or setback of my life. I’m grateful for each and every tough situation that taught me some golden lessons of life. Because if I hadn’t faced those challenging situations, I wouldn’t be sitting here in front of you.

“Whenever life tries to obstruct me, I construct something uniquely phenomenal from within me!”

If you had just one day to live, what would you do in that day?

I would go for a picnic with my entire family, sit along with them, spend time with them, talk and enjoy their presence.

Everything is built for us, and we are not built for them (gadgets, phone, appliances etc.) If we could understand this one principle, everything would start making sense.

“Universities and the schools that I’m building.”

The message & the title should be –

Never Give Up!

Today, a lot of folks are giving up their lives on very silly things that don’t even need consideration. If they fail in the exam they will give up, if they get low grades they would give up. In many of my sessions, I tell this: You should never ever give up – no matter what. Because if you do, God is very clever – he will resume your life from the same point you gave up. If you failed in 12th this time, 1. You would have to do it all over again & 2. You might fail again in 12th – at that time, what would you do? So, whatever the situation is, go on!

What is the core responsible reason for suffering?

Today, the definition of “status” has completely altered. “What do I possess?” has changed to “What do I possess with respect to person X, Y, Z?” is something that causes people to suffer.

AB: I heard it somewhere,

“It  is not happy people that are grateful, in fact, it is the grateful people that are happy.”

If a billionaire gave you 1 billion rupees, how would you spend it besides the parties and the Ferraris and so forth? If I asked you to spend 1 billion rupees improving the world, solving a problem, what would you pursue?

“Youth Empowerment”

“Pour your heart and soul in whatever you are pursuing and see the magic unfolding.”

Rapid Fire Questions:
Who have influenced your life more than your dad?


 Core beliefs to live by:

“Live this moment fully and make the most of it.”

“Life is awesome if you allow it to be. Never ever complain God for the things you are blessed with. God has given you a chance, an opportunity to be the best species across the globe – “Human Being”. Now, it’s your duty to prove that he hasn’t done any mistake by giving you this incredible opportunity, and make the most of this one life.”

“Keep Smiling! Be Grateful! Strive Harder!”

“Be the hardest worker, because hardest worker has the potential to outrank the luckiest worker. Accept whatever the outcome is and Never ever ever give up – no matter what.”

Loved it?

What did you learn from it?

Share your learnings in the comment section below!


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