“Together We Can Do More!” Madhish Parikh

Heya, welcome to interview with Aditya! Today, we have someone who is exceptionally phenomenal with us, he is a warm, compassionate soul on a journey to transformation. He is an impassioned philanthropist, an active contributor, and a truly humble guy. For his contribution, he was awarded Indira Gandhi National Award in the year of 2014. He is the founder of Elixer Foundation – an NGO who is always there to help people in need. He is on a mission to make this world a better place to live. With excitement in the air, let me present, Madhish Parikh!

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Enters Madhish…

Me: Welcome to Interview with Aditya!

“It’s my pleasure”

Me: “That’s your highness”

“Okay, let’s dive into it.”


A soul on a journey to transformation


“I’m the change”

AB: Nothing changes until we do…
“Even if we don’t do anything everything changes.”

“Transforming the world a making it a better place to live.”

I have an instinct within me that society has given me a lot of things and today whoever I am is because of the community. So it is my responsibility to help the society in all the ways I possibly can!

They should read books on leadership – especially on Swami Vivekananda.

I personally believe, successes and failures are just events of life. What we do between successes and failures is more important to me. The first person comes to my mind when I think of the word successful is the king of pop Michael Jackson comes to me.

  1. Mr Kamal Kumar Kar. He is the Regional Director with NSS Regional Directorate for Gujarat, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. I’ve learned a lot of things from him. He’s one of my source of inspiration.
  2. Captain CS Sanghvi. I’m following him since I was a student in LD. I’ve learned all the selfless services from him.
  3. Myself. I learn a lot of things from myself. I evolve daily leaving the old Madhish behind replacing him with the evolved Madhish.

I would inscribe all of my achievements on a billboard.

How does your morning Ritual look like? What do the first 60 minutes of your day look like?

For me, every morning has something new awaiting me! So there’s no specific routine I follow. Everything depends on priorities that I have for that day.

Before 2014, I was into community services – but I was doing silently. Nobody knew that I’m into this. And all of a sudden when people saw my picture with our then president – people were curious to know how? At that time, there was a taboo in the community that social services is not something that you should be indulged in. So not much youth participated in any kind of services. However, when I received an award from our hon. president – things started to change. People started supporting me more, youth started to get involved in the kind of work I was doing. So I believe, this award was not the end, but just the beginning of my journey to transformation!

If you are ready to serve with all your heart and soul, the whole world is yours! I personally believe, there are many great international opportunities in front of you if you truly want to serve people.

What do you wish you had known about your domain or your area of expertise, 20 years ago? And how would it had saved your resources?

I don’t have any regrets at all! I believe, there’s a right time for everything! It’s just about exploring things, discovering opportunities and making the most of it. I see myself as a body. The supreme energy source is the universe. And the universe has chosen me as a driving agent to converge the energy. So I’m just the medium. If not me, anyone else would be doing the things that I get to do.

What topic would you speak about if you were asked to give a TED talk on something outside of your main area of expertise?

Youth Development.

Always keep moving whatever the obstacles come to your way.

I will just live that day fully!

Initially, I was just a normal student in my college. I was inclined towards social activities. During that time, I was suggested to join NSS by Captain CS Sanghvi. And I’m glad I did. After joining NSS, the first project I was assigned was organizing a blood donation camp in my college. It was the very first experience I had as managing an event. After forming a team, we did campaigning and promoting the blood donation camp. It turned out that the blood donation camp was a huge success! In fact, for the first time we had collected 692 units of bottles from our college. I received great appreciation and recognision for my work. I felt damn happy. So that is how it all started… And rest is history!

I believe, the root cause of all the problems that exist in the society is education. So if you improve the state of education – you’re improving the skills of the future generations. And if you are increasing the skills of the future generations – you are solving the problems of employment. If you are solving the problems of employment, you can break through the chain of corruption. So, ultimately – I believe education is the best place where I can start.

The time and efforts that I have put in helping the community and making a difference is my best ever investment. At my age, if you look around – the youth is busy building a more promising future for themselves. Everyone is busy building their own castle. Making great plans for their career, family, finances etc. However, the same time I have invested in helping the community. I’ve given up completely 4-5 years of my life to the community. And this is the peak age when everyone does their best in getting things in motion.

What’s the worst advice you see or hear in your trade or area of expertise?

To give up what I’m most passionate about – contributing to the community.

“Together we can do more!”

Rapid Fire Questions:

Dr. Kalam.

I had a unique opportunity to meet Dr. Kalam personally and I remember once while I was interacting with him, he shared an amazing story of two seeds. Both the seeds were sown differently. One seed gets water nourishment and sunlight while the other is deprived of water and sunlight. 3 years hence, it turns out that the first seed (which was nourished sufficiently) evolves as a magnificent green tree, while the other seed decomposes in the soil. Does this mean that the second seed didn’t have the potential to evolve? Not exactly! It had the same potential that the first one had. The reason why the second one didn’t grow is because it didn’t had enough opportunities to grow and evolve. The message here is this: Opportunities don’t suddenly land upon us someday. We must create them!

In today’s world – I believe self-talks are very important. People hardly get time to think and ponder where they are heading or what they want from life. I’ve always encouraged myself to do better with my self-talk.

 Core beliefs to live by:

We are the agents of change.

I would try to eliminate the age growing factor. Just so that I can get more time to be with youth and contribute more!

“Be real to yourself.”

Every one of us have incredible potential within ourselves. Just ensure your potential don’t go wasted because of your ignorance or self-doubt. Exhibit your potential on a much wider platform and make the most of this beautiful life. Don’t waste your time in things that don’t matter at all. Explore yourself, spare time to think what you are passionate about, what ticks you, what makes you happy and fulfilled. Once you find it, just go after it with passion and by hungry to achieve all that you possibly can!

For me, if it weren’t for that blood donation camp, I wouldn’t have realized my true potential and I might be a coder living a life of quite desperation. My message is go out in the wild and explore, love, enjoy and contribute your part – cause the world needs you.

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Aditya is the host of this show and the author of Be Successful - Thrive Exponentially Beyond Excellence. He is a content strategist by profession and when he's not doing that, he is busy helping people make radical shifts in their lives. Apart from this, Aditya also manages an NGO through which he aspires to help people live a better quality of life.

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