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People are not extraordinary but their approach to life makes them stand out. One such great man is Mr Atit Purani who is a serial entrepreneur and author of the book Get It Delivered.    He has co-founded many prosperous companies. In this interview, we can read about his “improving ordinary” approach and how he successfully exited from many of his business ventures and made profits.

His book Get It Delivered is based on 13 software delivery rules which will help any individual in their professional and personal life. He has written about how the time and energy that he invested in building his team in the previous organizations has helped him to solve various problems in any kind of situation that he faced.

His mantra is “Intentional Perseverance & Deliberate Patience Overpowers Talent.”  No doubt, having talent can help a person succeed but trying to be patient and working hard consistently can fetch better results than talent.

He encourages people to talk about solutions rather than problems. He advises the student to learn through their own experience and mistakes instead of blindly following others. He believes accepting one’s weakness is the real way of improving oneself.

He has even discussed his current business ventures which include his being a shareholder and director at “Space-O-Digicom”. He has founded a new consulting company “Everyonic Ventures”. The company provides consulting, mentoring and development services to companies looking for converting their ideas into reality using needed strategy and guidelines needed using the latest technology & tools not restricted to just the software domain.

He has also started a web portal, “Get Everything Delivered” (GED) where he talks about wisdom distilled in his book, consulting services, blog posts, invited talks and other means which now benefit a large number of his clients and followers.

Read ahead about the lessons that he has learned through his previous experiences (successful exit) and at various companies & how he managed to survive by changing his perspective of looking at things.

» Let’s start the Interview with him:

How could you describe yourself in 6 words?

I think I will describe myself in 2 words which is “improving ordinary”

What’s your living philosophy?

Life is short, take another shot.

Who comes to your mind when you think of the word “Successful”, and why?

The word “Success” is very subjective and for every individual it is different in terms of self-achievement, happiness which can be either economic, spiritual, career, family, community etc. Considering this belief, I think it is very difficult for me to name any one.

Three people or sources you have learned from – or followed closely – in the last year?

  • From my business stakeholders
  • From people around me
  • From real life situations which comes suddenly

If you had to instil one piece of advice in a new-born baby’s mind, what advice would you give?

Never compromise on your character and do not judge anyone unless you are into their shoes.

If anyone would make a movie on your life, what would the title be, and what message should it convey?

The title would be “Improving Ordinary.” It would talk about a guy who aspired to achieve success in life through continuous improvement.

If you could start your life over and change one thing, what would you change?

I will not believe in what I see or what people say but, I will believe in things which I personally do and experience because most of the time we see the world from other people’s eyes and experience things as they want us to.

What advice would you love to give to anyone who’s seeking to pursue a career and thrive in your area of expertise?
In my personal experience, I would say that to be successful in your professional life or in your personal life, you should always focus on the basics and fundamentals of things you do; always talk and discuss the solution, not a problem.

Why somebody striving to succeed in your area of expertise might fail? (I believe, it’s really wise to know where the pit falls before starting out so that we can plan accordingly and avoid falling into the pit.)

I do not think anyone can fail in the areas of my expertise because everyone has their own way of doing things so it will be unfair if I say this.

But, I would like say that every individual should know their strengths and weaknesses and should always work accordingly. Secondly, they should always see Problems as an opportunity to solve instead of looking at them as “Problems” itself. Thirdly, they should be clear with the basics before going into any of the areas of expertise. I believe having patience and perseverance is also important because, many times intentional patience and perseverance overpowers talent.

What are the bad recommendations you hear in your profession or area of expertise?

Unfortunately, nothing much but, people used to doubt my expertise and skills initially because, normally it takes time for me to do things. However, if I am convinced and clear about how to do it, then I always complete the work to the best of my abilities.

What interesting things are you working on? Why is that interesting to you? What’s surprising about that? Is anybody else thinking about this?

Currently, I am working on my web portal “Get Everything Delivered“, popularly known as GED. It is all about delivering the things by overcoming the hurdles which is nothing but making sure that personal and professional life becomes much easier.

On GED, I regularly write new blogs to help & guide my readers in their personal and professional life with my experiences. I write blogs on different niches where any individual or layman can connect with their problems and find a possible solution.

The other thing which is yet in the planning phase is my next book which will be on lessons I learned after my exit from software service companies, I co-founded. After leaving all those businesses and companies I founded, now I can see my life very differently and I want to include all those lessons and experiences in my new book which I learned in last two years. So stay tuned for it!!!

These two things are very interesting and important to me as both have helped me change my life in different aspects. They have also changed my vision and thoughts on entrepreneurship.

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

I have had a few failures in my business ventures and that gave me a lot of new insights which I could have never learnt otherwise. The lessons learnt from failures help me see the situation, people and the world at large from a different lens and I can now see that there are other ways also to see things which I was not able to see before.

What advice would you give to a smart, passionate, driven college student ready to enter the “real world”? What advice should they ignore?

Always learn the basics and fundamentals and follow them continuously. Find your strength and limitations and believe in yourself. See dreams and see them daily (Feed water to your dreams daily as you feed your plants daily)

What are the lessons that, you think life taught you the hard way?

Life is always unpredictable so never lose your individual character and who you are and I think rest other things will follow eventually.

Best advice ever received?

Accept your weakness and be conscious about them always.

In the last five years, what have you become better at saying “no” to (distractions, invitations, etc.)? What new realizations and/or approaches helped? Any other tips? When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused or have lost your focus temporarily, what do you do?

I do the things I like most listening to music, playing or watching sports, movies, etc.

What is the best or most worthwhile investment you’ve made? It could be an investment of money, time, energy, or otherwise?

I would say, multiple investments I have made which makes sense:

  1. Time, energy and thoughts I have invested in writing my book “Get It Delivered”, because this book contains 13 software delivery rules which will help any individual irrespective of gender, profession or age to getting things done for his/her not only professional but personal life.
  2. Time and Energy invested in building a team of people in my various companies, who help in solving the problems based on situation and need.

I guess, above two are my biggest investments made which will be worthy of doing lot of gains including financials to me and to themselves too.

What makes you happiest and when you think about it you cannot help but smile?

Some wild thinking about myself into real-life situations.

How does your morning Ritual look like? What do the first 60 minutes of your day look like?

I start my day by remembering GOD and then my daily exercise in Gym and before going to office, I just glanced through the tasks which are there in plate for today.

What was the last thing you did, that you think is worth remembering?

The “Successful EXIT” from my few service companies and Product companies which I co-founded by selling my stack, gave me an all new perspective to see life and gave me massive experience, which helped in my journey towards becoming “entrepreneur” as I was “technopreneur” before my exit.

What obsessions do you explore on the evenings or weekends?

Mostly I spend time with my family and meet friends and we talk about anything and everything that excites us. We also go down memory lane. If I get time then I play games like table tennis, carom.

What is an unusual habit or something crazy that you love?

This sounds crazy but, I always resemble myself and get connected to the roles in the entertainment industry. I imagine myself in any of the role and think if I could have done it in a better way.

What impact do you want to leave in this world before you leave it?

I want to be remembered as person worth meeting, for everyone whom I have met in my life.

What you think should be inscribed on your epitaph? What do you want to be remembered for?

As I said above, I want to be remembered as a person worth meeting in each one of my relationships.

If you could eliminate one thing from your life, what would it be?

Honestly speaking, there are no bad incidents that I can recollect of or, regret about in my life’s journey thus far. Hence, I would say I don’t really want to eliminate anything in my life.

How do you manage your deadlines without missing them?

For me, managing deadlines is all about understanding the problem first and then finding a solution. Most of the time we do not ask what is required and what is needed and instead start working towards it which ultimately results in not getting things done.

To take this further, I always see what is required at what time and with what tools instead of just doing things which I know at that point of time with things in hand.

What’s something that used to scare you, but no longer does? What has changed?

I used to be scared of public gathering and mass because in my early days of life, I was too shy and would always think that when someone asks me anything, how would I reply or, how I should react.

Now, I love people and love to talk people whom I wanted to talk for longer period of time.

Your book Get it delivered is truly incredible. But I just wanted to know what made you write such a book?! I mean, what was the thought process behind such a book, and why so much focus on the delivery of software rather then any other aspect? It would be great if you can share your purpose behind writing that book!

Who all should read this book? I mean, to whom this book will serve?

The book is crux of my 1.5+ decades of experience in software delivery domain where I have explained 13 vital rules which helps you in getting software delivery in more better way.

When I look back my journey, I feel that most of the time in the industry developers, managers, coordinators or even top management struggles with delivery part because there is always 2 layer of people involved – the actual developers and client. So I thought, since I am the “delivery guy” most the time in my software journey it would be great if I share my experience with people which might help them.

Do you have any quotes to live by or think of very often?


Little known fact about you?

Shyness, boldness, music lover(table)

Most favourite movie?


Most favourite song?

Nothing gonna change my love for you” by George Benson

Who has influenced your life more than your dad?

Honestly, I would say there is no one particularly as I am self-learner all through my life.

If you could take only three things with you – that could be anything, for a trip to an island what those three things would be?

My cell-phone, credit card and easy to eat food.

If you could send a message to the entire world, in 60 seconds or less, what would you say?

Live the moments and not think of the future

Message for any stranger…

Live life king size

Do you have anything to say to your audience who is listening/reading to you right now?

Life is not about counting years but it’s about living it to the fullest. Always be clear about your wants and needs and how you can achieve that.

Final words of advice? Or your closing words?

Always be human and never become a machine.

Aditya is the host of this show and the author of Be Successful - Thrive Exponentially Beyond Excellence. He is a content strategist by profession and when he's not doing that, he is busy helping people make radical shifts in their lives. Apart from this, Aditya also manages an NGO through which he aspires to help people live a better quality of life.

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