How Sid’s Farm is Revolutionizing the Dairy Industry in Hyderabad?

In recent years the Indian organic food market has boomed, averaging double-digit growth over the last decade. With an exponentially increasing demand for safer food and beverage products, the food and dairy industries are just playing catchup. Sid’s Farm, a Hyderabad based organic dairy venture, wills to change this.

Their motto is to deliver healthy food — at a price, everyone can afford. In fact, their mission revolves around the fact that they are here to ensure that good quality food is accessible to everyone seeking it.

Their story starts 8-years ago, new kids on the block, Kishore and his team faced many challenges building their first-ever farm-based business. Learning to run before they could walk, Kishore and his team had to figure out pretty much everything from scratch, starting from production, processing down to distribution.

Kishore recalls, the first liter of milk they sold made them just 15 INR. The team toiled day in and day out to deliver fresh organic milk, never compromising on the quality. During trying times, Kishore and his team faced lack of funds and resources to continue their operations. Never losing hope, the team constantly innovated to optimize their processes, never losing sight of their dream of 11building Sid’s farm into a sustainable business.

Slowly, people started taking notice. The next challenge was instilling the same level of confidence among customers that the team had in their products. Quality had always of paramount importance – the milk at Sid’s goes through 26 parameters of testing before it reaches the consumer’s kitchen table.

Today, Sid’s farm delivers its dairy products across Hyderabad. They have bootstrapped their business organically with no funding from outside. Growing with the experience now their turnover clocks around 30 crores per annum. They are amongst the top 5 in the country slowly climbing the ladder with a simple aim to be the best at what they do and which is quite apparent from the views their customers have about them. They are operating 365 days a year to ensure their customers get what they need on time.

To provide a peek into Sid’s process, Kishore and his team decided to open the gates to their farm on weekends to everyone. You can plan the visit to the farm during weekends to see how the milk that got delivered to your house is produced, filtered, tested, and finally, dispatched; the warm welcome from the smiling faces of Sid’s team are an added bonus!

Aditya is the host of this show and the author of Be Successful - Thrive Exponentially Beyond Excellence. He is a content strategist by profession and when he's not doing that, he is busy helping people make radical shifts in their lives. Apart from this, Aditya also manages an NGO through which he aspires to help people live a better quality of life.

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