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Interview With Aditya
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Heya, welcome to interview with Aditya! Today, we have someone who is exceptionally phenomenal with us, he is an international best selling author (Of “Conquer Your Dreams“), a passionate marine engineer who has been sailing since last 7 years. He comes from very humble beginnings, with ‘zero’ resources – yet plenty of resourcefulness. He’s determined to be all he possibly can and never ever to settle for less than anything he could possibly be. He is also a passionate Motivational Speaker who loves to empower lives – as many as he possibly can.

His book, “Conquer Your Dreams: A Sailor’s Diary That’ll Propel Your Dreams to Reality!” is one of the best sellers on Amazon – of all the time. Let me directly introduce you to Mr. Jagadhees Thirumoorthy! Here We Go!!!


Interview With Aditya

Enters Jagadhees…

Me: Welcome to interview with Aditya!

“It’s my pleasure”

Me: “That’s your highness”

“Okay, let’s dive into it.”


A principle-centered Champion of life.

Simple and limited. Vegetarian with lots of vegetables. Since I am a fitness athlete and a vegetarian, my source of protein is mostly mushrooms, dairy products, dals, nuts etc.
Like the Ancient Scriptures say, I treat my body like a temple and avoid contaminating with anything that depletes my vitality, be it junk food, fast food or even alcohol or drugs for that matter.I don’t drink water before or after half an hour of meals. It improves body’s natural digestion which might otherwise be inhibited. if one consumes water during the period I mentioned. I stick to meal times as much as practicable wherever I travel.


“Learn, change, grow, become. You came to this planet to Conquer Your Dreams and inspire others to conquer theirs.”

“To become an International Speaker and touch as many lives as I can before I am gone.”

An array of people living and dead.

  1. Jim Rohn,
  2. Brian Tracy,
  3. Les Brown,
  4. Leonardo Da Vinci,
  5. Charles Darwin,
  6. Nikola Tesla,
  7. Albert Einstein,
  8. Thomas.A.Edison,
  9. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,
  10. Alexander the great,
  11. Christopher Columbus,
  12. Benjamin Franklin and many more.

Almost all of these men came from very meager backgrounds and humble beginnings, if not poor, and achieved remarkable feats.

Whenever I think of such men, I admire their courage which never allowed them to quit on their dreams and persevere until their purpose was complete. In my view, these are Champions. A Champion is someone who has a purpose and sees through it, despite all obstacles and challenges put in front of him. Take an example here.

Columbus had this dream of crossing the Atlantic at 25. After being repeatedly denied a sponsor for his expedition, his dream only came true at 41. But he still conquered his dream. Not only that, he paved the way for the entire world to know the American continent for the first time in the history of mankind. All I keep telling myself is that, if in 1492, with a ship no larger than a modern day tugboat, with primitive technology that is far surpassed by today’s ships, a man could do the unimaginable with sheer bravery and belief in his ability to conquer his dreams, then why on earth should I give up on my dreams or lose faith in myself.

1. My mom.

She is my source of inspiration. Everything I learnt came when I was lying on her lap and listening to her timeless wisdom on human behavior, how to be successful and be a man of principle.

2. Mrs. Fathima Bathool Maluk.

The CEO of Master Group of Institutions, Siruganur. She is one of my biggest mentors. She’s like a mother to me and supports me in all my endeavors. I have learnt courage kindness and elegance from her.

3. Jim Rohn

I hear all his speeches and stay awestruck every time by his use of words and the capacity to inspire any listener. He is my role-model when it comes to public speaking.


How does your morning Ritual look like? What do the first 60 minutes of your day look like?

“I wake up with the thought of gratitude. I thank life for giving me the opportunity to live another day. Usually, there will be a sign-post opposite to my bed.
The first words I see – CONQUER YOUR DREAMS. So that is the alarm clock for the day.  After morning ablutions, I head to the deck (if I am at sea) or the
terrace (if I am at home), I spread my arms wide open and thank the sun and sea for light and abundance. I thank life for every single blessing at least
starting from the body I reside, the mind I am blessed with, my parents, my friends, the food I eat, the sleep I had for the previous night, I try to list out
everything to thank.
Then, I pray for the people in my life. I pray that they are protected and they be blessed with everything they want.
If I am at sea, I head for breakfast and then to work.
If I am at home, I go for a morning run -atleast 2 km in a nearby dairy farm track, then workout for sometime.
I then make a Journal entry and read for a few minutes, any inspirational passage from any book on my shelf. I do not touch my mobile phone until 8 am or so.”

“Wow, that’s really a great morning ritual. Something caught me again. You said, after your workout, you daily make a journal entry. Can you elaborate that part? I mean what do you specifically scribble up in your journals? How does your journal look like?”

“Sure. I write my 10 goals for the year in a spiral bound notebook. I have been doing it since Jan 27 2017.Till date…I wrote it even this very morning. When one of them is complete, I skip and write 9 only. and so on…

Me: “That’s incredibly awesome. I personally believe Discipline = Freedom. The more disciplined you are, the more freedom you will be able to enjoy.”

“If it is Marine engineering – Be hardworking. Don’t expect it to be easy like a walk on the cake. Always keep learning and never stop. You are responsible for safely maneuvering a ship from point A to point B.”
Then he adds, “So imagine the intelligence your must possess. It comes through curiosity and interest to learn. So read a lot and work enthusiastically.”

Me: “What about speaking and writing?”

“If it is about speaking or writing –  Being a great human being is the prerequisite which automatically ensures that you are a good speaker or writer.
Because, speaking or writing is a projection of who you actually are, not what you want to be. If you live honestly, you can gain credibility with the readers
or audience who are following you. And yes, practice is the key. The only way to become a great speaker is to speak and speak and speak and speak.
Apply the same law to writing as well. Repetition is the mother of skill.”

What do you wish you had known about your domain or your area of expertise, 20 years ago? And how would it had saved your resources?

“20 years ago, I was 8 years old. In my 3rd grade, maybe. I wish I had known that all dreams are possible and what people say about you is none of your business.
I wish that I should not have tried to make people understand me if they were hell-bent in disapproving me no matter what I did.
As a kid, I wish I had known that influence and association makes a great impact on personality. I would have avoided wrong friends. I would have avoided wasting time, even then.”

What topic would you speak about if you were asked to give a TED talk on something outside of your main area of expertise?

Why reading is far too greater than TV.

What obsessions do you explore on the evenings or weekends?

I try learning new songs on the guitar. I draw portraits of people’s faces or paint landscapes. On Sunday’s I train longer and harder in the gym. I read for hours in the weekends.
I meet successful people and talk to them. I attend conferences and seminars in Chennai. I download motivational songs, speeches and listen when I workout.

 Can you share some experiences of your life that you think have played a significant role in how you’re today?

The shortest answer would be – Reading my book will answer this question, because I have shared all the experiences of my life that have shaped me and my destiny. (Click me to “Conquer Your Dreams”)
To be a bit elaborate, a few chapters can be taken as excerpts
1. A long run in my teenage, when no one was in the ground to watch. I broke my pain barrier and overcame my breathing difficulties once and for all.
2. A bully. When stronger boys unnecessarily bullied with me and knocked me down. I was a weak and tiny kid then. They basically sent me to the gym and made me stronger today. Today the gym is my church
and that’s where I go to get blessed. It is strange as to why I took up physical fitness. However, it is one of my biggest passions in life.
3. An accident that occured in 2016 when I narrowly flinched myself from the jaws of death. I realised the value of life and never again afforded to waste one single hour of life.

(Click me and I’ll take you to “Conquer Your Dreams”)

#2: Appearances are deceptive. ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD.
#3: Develop a keen eye to look beneath any glamorous surface. What people say and what they do will always not be the same. Not everybody lives by principles or values. Be wary of all kinds of people.

#4: If you don’t lie, if you don’t cheat, you cannot expect the whole world to be like you.


Yes! I wanted to be a Marine Engineer. I also wanted to become a motivator. I am currently working on the latter, refining my skills.
During my early teens, I wanted to captain the Indian Cricket team. But as I grew up I realized that cricket is just a game and even though
I still play like a professional, I always wanted to graduate and work, instead of letting the game take over. Given the politics and other
influences that govern today’s sports, I feel glad I did not lose my studies in pursuit of something I consider secondary.
In my late teens, I was determined to take up sailing as a career. Today I am a Mariner.

From my mom:


(I didn’t understand why my mom said that. I believed it to be true. I blindly believed it. Today, it became a reality.)

  1. . My family (Mom, Dad, and Sister),
  2. My body (The God-given gift)
  3. My mind (The incredible reservoir of ideas and the power that can make any dream come true)
  4. My career (it made an ordinary fitter’s son into a financially sound man with a great standing in the society)
  5. Life (Life itself, the opportunity to be alive and experience the multitude of it)

I behave like a child even in my twenties in presence of my mom. Because my mom herself behaves like a child and talks in the tone of a child. This is a little-known secret which only my family members know, up until now. We keep behaving like children.

I would address millions and deliver a memorable speech to tell them that they are all powerful and regardless of what their current standing in life is, they can conquer their dreams.

I personally think,

Living life like they have 1000 years to live. Wasting time on meaningless pursuits like mindless tv, chatting random stuff, flirting, vanity fairs, criticising others, whining about what went wrong and who did what instead of taking appropriate actions to correct what is wrong. Not following their passions and giving up too early. Being sedentary and bloating with junk food, gluttony.

“I am working on my dreams. Of becoming an international speaker, a chief engineer at sea and placing my book in the hands of millions, for them to read and be inspired. It is interesting to know who you are and what you are capable of. If Da Vinci can do it, if Edison can do it, so can I. I belong to the same species andrealizedss is not reserved for the very few.”
Me: “What’s surprising about it?”

“In pursuit of my dreams, I discovered some talents and abilities which I thought I never had. It is self-discovery. I realized that I am unlimited and powerful. Just as everyone who is reading this.”

The title would be something like… ‘CONQUER YOUR DREAMS’
The message should be –

Anyone from any walk of life, from any caste, color or creed, from any part of the world, can conquer his dreams, no matter how far-fetched,
if he has the courage to pursue it, if he has the resolve to work towards it if he suffers and sweats and toils like a monomaniac on a mission.

(Or do you have a favorite failure of yours?)

Many failures have designed the current Jagadhees. A favorite one – in my 8th grade, I was asked to deliver a vote of thanks to the chief guest who had come to my school for a function.
I stammered and shivered on stage. When the meeting was over, the principal of my school walked into my classroom and said in front of all the students “Do you know how Jagadhees spoke today? He was stammering like a goat. You Jagadhees, you will never be good on stage!”
And as my classmates erupted in laughter, I was cringing like a worm scorched by sunlight. That day I resolved that I won’t be a goat. I will one day be a lion on stage. I would roar dauntlessly and own the stage. Hence, the speaker was born.

What have you changed your mind about in the last few years? Why?

“I need to have a lot of friends.”

Then he paused for a moment, and continued – “No! I need a few great friends. Quality over quantity. Acquaintances or not friends.
There is value in limited associations and deeper relationships than casual friends or interactions.”

Me: “You are absolutely right. As Og Mandino says, “You will be the same person in the next five years – except for the people you meet & the books you read.” We must choose our peer group cautiously.”

[Extras: Dr. Savage believes something similar. In her interview, she says, “Birds of same feather flocks together. Show me your friend and I will tell who you are, Know yourself and never be distracted in life for God has great expectation of you.”  To read her full interview with Aditya – click me!]

 Is there anything that you believe is true, yet you can’t prove it (if yes, what?)

Everyone has greatness inside. No one is given less of the gifts of life. Many believe that greatness is only for the few.
Many believe it is better to be safe and secure and never venture forward to accomplish something meaning.
Most men live life in quiet desperation. I don’t believe greatness is for the very few.
I think it is in all of us. But only if each of us, try to manifest it with effort and discipline.

I would spend some in making my book reach millions, no parties… Maybe an Audi and a decent villa with a huge gym and a huge library – to train my mind and body.
To improve the world, I would spend the rest of the money, educating people. In impoverished nations, I would make education mandatory.
I would provide financial literacy in schools, how money works, how business works – schools do not teach them. I would mandate personal development and physical fitness in schools by providing money for books and sports.
To me, the world is just a collection of individuals. If you want the world to change, change yourself. If you are healthy, strong, wise and noble, the world begins to change.
Because it all starts within the individual.

Among the 47 books that I have read in 2017, one of my many favorites is THE POWER OF HABIT by Charles Duhigg.
It is self-explanatory. A habit can change your life. If you take the time to inculcate a habit it can save your life. Even in people whose cerebral hemispheres are
injured or damaged, scientists have noted that habits still remain. The individual still walks the same path to home, still eats the same dishes and does the same routines.
In simple words, the book suggests that once you take care of your habits, your habits will take care of you.

Buying and reading books.

What’s the worst advice you see or hear in your trade or area of expertise?

“We are living like dogs at sea. Everyone is having fun on shore. We are suffering here in harsh conditions working for our families.”

Me: “Do you have any suggestion for them?”
“Hmm. Maybe yes, I do – the grass always looks greener on the other side, Merchant Navy is awesome.”

“Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.”
“As you sow, so shall you reap.”
“You become what you think about most of the time.”
“Logic will take you from A to B. BUT IMAGINATION CAN TAKE YOU EVERYWHERE.”

Don’t take your eyes off your goals. Focus.

 Little known fact about you?

Complete introvert. I don’t watch movies.

Rapid Fire Questions:

Most favorite movie?

“Rocky Hexalogy Collection”

The 7 Habits of Highly effective people by Stephen Covey.

Cool down a bit. Don’t get angry often. People are different. Stay calm and be yourself.

 Favorite documentaries.


  1. Building an empire (Egypt),
  2. Tesla,
  3. Albert Einstein,
  4. The Da Vinci code


  1. The 7 Habits of highly effective people,
  2. A pair of Dumbbells,
  3. My journal and a pen,


Come on Champ, you can do it. You are the Champ! This is written on my dayroom mirror – “Hey, Champ. You are powerful beyond measure. Go… Conquer Your Dreams”

 Core beliefs to live by:

Live, love, learn and leave a legacy…

What’s something you believe that other people think is crazy?
  1. Every dream is possible.
  2. Discipline is the only difference between a successful and unsuccessful person.

“Being, even more, kind and compassionate.  I want to improve the size of my love to fellow men.”

Speaking on a stage and addressing millions. Inspiring them all!

Unwanted worries and depression at times.

“Conquer your dreams. Don’t wait for the star to fall in alignment..Go out there an Conquer.”

“You are powerful, unlimited, you can change anything in your life, if you so desire. You are the author of your own fate. Write an epic!”

“Before anyone else believes in you, you have to believe in yourself.
And what people think of you and the possibilities of your dreams is none of your business. It is their business. You can live your dreams.”

Aditya is the host of this show and the author of Be Successful - Thrive Exponentially Beyond Excellence. He is a content strategist by profession and when he's not doing that, he is busy helping people make radical shifts in their lives. Apart from this, Aditya also manages an NGO through which he aspires to help people live a better quality of life.

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