“Stop Being Afraid of what could go wrong & start getting excited about what’s GOING TO GO RIGHT.” Raina Tondon

 Heya, welcome to interview with Aditya! Today, we have someone who is exceptionally phenomenal with us, she is a colourful, cheerful woman who is on a journey to empower women, to rise, shine and be the light of their own world. She is a motivational speaker, a multifaceted personality into Zumba dance and singing. She’s an amazing cook and a passionate woman who is on an incredible journey to empower women – with a goal to touch at least 2000 people at

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About Me

About Me

Hi! I’m Aditya. Host of this show called Interview with Aditya. If you were to ask me who I am today (and I might decide to change tomorrow), I would say that I’m creator of possibility, an instigator of joy, a catalyst for growth, a builder of people, a producer of passion, director of my emotions, designer of my destiny, painter of my canvas and an architect of my vision. I spend most of my time helping people close the gap between where they are and where they want to reach. And, I love reading, making people laugh and transforming lives.

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